Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

I can't believe how time gets away on me and how long it has been since my last post!  A week after my last post on Easter Sunday Brynn got a fever right before our big family dinner.  The dinner was at my brother Troy's house which is only a couple blocks from the hospital.  We dished her a plate and Kevin ate with her at the hospital.  The doctor came in and said, maybe you should let your dad cut your meat- we got your counts back and your platelet count is 2!  She had never been that low before.  We decided to get her first antibiotic in Taber and then head up to Calgary and get her transfusion up there.  She was fever free and feeling good for about 4 hours when Kevin headed up to Calgary with her.  I wasn't worried at all until Brynn called me about an hour later and said her fever was 40.3 and she couldn't stop shaking.  I was calling up to Calgary and they were calling Kevin.  They said to stop at Claresholm hospital and go to emergency there.  I gathered the other 3 kids and said we needed to say a prayer for Brynn.  Not even 5 minutes after we were done the phone rang and it was Kevin.  Her fever came down on it's own and she was sitting there feeling fine.  Calgary wanted to play it safe and bring her by ambulance the rest of the way.  I was wondering if I should get a ride and bring Kevin's truck up from Claresholm and Brynn said dad can just follow the ambulance- I'm fine!  Kevin said he could see her cute little head sticking up in the ambulance talking away to the paramedics in there.  She really seems to take everything in stride and is constantly amazing us and teaching us lessons along the way.  She said a few times can I get a prize when I'm done DOX?  Which is the worst chemo she's had so far.  Well she finished that one a week ago and we surprised her with an electric scooter- thought she might feel like a kid in the summer even if she's too tired to ride her bike!  We have our evaluations again this week and that always makes us nervous.  We have a CT scan Thursday and MRI and Bone scan Friday.  On Friday is the Relay for Life in Taber which my sister and brother's families and us put a team in.  We got shirts made that say Believe on the front and Team Brynn on the back.  They asked Brynn to come to the survivor banquet before and then to lead the relay and carry in the banner at the beginning.  We are hoping to get back from Calgary for that as soon as her MRI is done.  Sadie and her cousin Paige are doing it for one of their Young Woman goals for church so we will be sure to take lots of pictures at it.  Next week we start a new chemo that we have never had before and we are hoping it goes okay- they told us it usually is not as bad as DOX.  Funniest thing- last week we decided to be pro-active and go up to Calgary before the fever hit this time so we wouldn't need another scary ambulance ride!  Kevin went up because she needed a few transfusions and they just stayed at Ronald McDonald House to wait for the fever.  Of course for the first time- Brynn amazed us and didn't get a fever!!!! Her mucousitis wasn't as bad either- we felt sooo blessed. 

On a sad note today our hearts are heavy for our good friends the Amsings who we have come to love so much.  Their precious daughter Charolette had her MRI today after doing chemo and radiation and the results were not good news.  We feel for them and never forget them in our prayers- even Kade and Reese automatically bless Charolette in every prayer- at every meal.  We want them to know we are thinking of them!  I will try to let you all  know how Brynn's tests go as soon as possible!