Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 2012 Disney Cruise- Here We Come!!!!

I have had good intentions to write on the blog for a while now- but things have been so crazy since opening our store in March that I literally have not had time to sit and do any personal things on the computer!  We have kids involved in so many activities that we are either running them or running to the store.  It has been a different busy than I am used to- but like our nurse said- it has definitely helped keep my mind occupied with something other than the next scans! 
Brynn has been doing amazing!  She has got right back into a normal 12 year old life!  She is doing great in school- missing a year and a half of being in the classroom has not seemed to hurt her a bit!  She worried about her grades all the time but usually surprised us with all her great marks!  She decided to go into baton lessons with her friends and has been enjoying twirling at home all the time!  We usually have to tell her to put it away as she is spinning it by our heads constantly and she likes our high ceilings in the living room where she can throw it in the air!  She decided to join the club basketball team just this spring and to go in a tournament that was in Lethbridge last weekend.  The last time Brynn played basketball in grade 5 she was so timid and shy on the court she looked like the last thing she wanted was to have the ball passed to her.  This time she shocked us all with her speed and aggression.  I guess everything she has been through has put some spunk in her!  She stole the ball away quite a few times and even though she was pretty tired at the end- she had a big smile and was so glad to be on the team with her friends. 
This past Tuesday she began swim club again!  She was on the swim team when she was diagnosed and they have been so supportive throughout treatment.  They told us they would save a spot for her whenever she could come back.  She was so excited because swimming is probably her favorite sport and she only went a couple times over the past 18 months.  Her coach said how awesome it was to have her back and how smooth her stroke is still.  She is excited to go in some swim meets over the next few months!
We are so excited that in 4 sleeps we are leaving on our trip with the Children's Wish Foundation!  Brynn finally decided on a Disney Cruise!  She had a few trips that she was deciding between but when we received the DVD on the Disney Cruise she was so excited and knew that was what she wanted to do!  It is going to be so nice to get away as a family and we are really looking forward to making some amazing memories!  They are so extremely generous- they sent us a big box full of things and even a new camera for us for the trip!  It will be amazing!!!

The end of the month after our trip is time for scans again.  We are trying not to think about it constantly and just keep praying and having faith.  We hear of trials others are having and we know we are not the only ones going through things.  We feel very fortunate and never forget to count the blessings we have received.  We continue to pray for our friends that are struggling or are needing comfort- we love you guys!  So we will go and relax and enjoy this trip of a lifetime- and then go to our scans with optimism and holding our breath.