Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 2011

I can't believe how time has flown by this summer!  I thought when we were home more I would be able to keep up better with this blog and allot of other things!  We have had more time between treatments then we ever have this past year and Brynn has done remarkably well.  She hasn't had a fever since Easter Sunday so that has also been a nice break for us.  The last few months of chemo have just been overnight or a few minute infusion in Lethbridge.  Brynn has been able to go to Waterton, ride her bike and scooter around, swim in our pool in the backyard and just be a normal kid.  We were able to go out to Cranbrook and stay with Kevin's sister and visit little Charlotte and her family.  We pray for them daily- many times- and sooo enjoyed our visit and seeing them and well she is doing!  Brynn went to Kid's Cancer Camp with her sister Sadie at the beginning of August.  We postponed her chemo a week so they could go together.  Unfortunately Brynn didn't have as good of a time as we all thought she would.  Sadie had a blast- but Brynn wasn't with her age group and was quite homesick.  We didn't realize as we tearfully said goodbye that we wouldn't be able to talk to her later in the week when we called to check on her.  We were told she was fine and happy but we were not allowed to talk to her.  They don't know our Brynn though- and how she never complains and will pretend like everything is all right even if it's not!  We might try the family camp next year with our whole family!  When Brynn returned from camp we went right to the hospital to do the overnight chemo they rescheduled for us.  To our surprise her counts had dropped too low to go ahead with it.  She had been off GCSF for too long and her bone marrow was getting worn out from a whole year of treatment.  Brynn was quite devastated when they said we might not be able to finish her 51 treatment schedule.  They asked us to come back in a few days and have a meeting with the oncologists.  We came home and had a family fast that the doctors would know what to do and make the right decision for Brynn.  When we went and met with them they said their recommendation was to scrap the last few weeks of treatment and go right to high dose- which is an extra that is 10-12 times stronger than anything she has had- and that would more than make up for any missed treatments.  Plus she had some easier chemos left to do.  We felt very reassured and good about their decision.  We really felt that they had decided what was best and felt good to go ahead with their recommendation.  So hear we are- we had tests and scans all last week to prepare for high dose which we begin in a few days.  The blessings seem to keep pouring in as we received good news on all her tests and scans so far- everything looks clear and she is in remission.  One of her tests that checks her kidney function came back with a count of 28 when her last one a few months ago was 110.  We became concerned that her kidneys were only working at 1/4 of what they were and one doctor was saying we might have to lower her high dose accordingly.  As we were stewing about this but not telling her- the doctor came back and said he went and checked because he thought something wasn't right and it was a typo - it was actually 128 which is normal and better than last time.  Tears of relief came as we received this good news!  Today our town and both wards of our church are fasting and praying for Brynn as she starts high dose this week.  They have told us what to expect for side effects and it's going to be a tough month up in Calgary- but we know she can get through it and we will receive the help we need to get through it.  She looks so great right now- hair is growing back- color in her face(actually a bit of a tan!) and she feels so good- it's hard to think we are going to knock her down and make her quite sick again.  But the end is near and we are hopeful that the high dose will be worth it.  Thank you all again- you have no idea how much support and strength we feel as we carry on.  We are truly blessed through our trials!