Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

Well, Brynn got great news on all of her tests and scans!  We are very relieved and know that we are going to sit on pins and needles for every test from now on.  It took me a while to want to write about it- since our good friends did not get such good news it's a real struggle of emotion.  We were devastated to hear about her- then extremely nervous when our scans were two days later - relieved and thrilled when ours are good- but still so sad and almost guilty feeling that ours were good and theirs were not.  You have such strong relationships with other families that are going through what you are.  Their hurt is your hurt- and their triumphs are your triumphs!  For now we will just keep praying for Charlotte every day- many times a day.  Brynn wanted to send a package to her which we did yesterday.  She loves that little girl so much and we are so grateful that we had the privilege of meeting them last year when I was still in shock from Brynn's diagnosis.  They, and many others have helped our family so much to cope with what we are going through.  When you stay at Ronald McDonald House together for months, eating together, playing bingo together, you really feel like family.  Anyway, we want to let everyone know about Brynn's good news, and as happy as we are about it- our hearts are still breaking for our dear friends.